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Command Line Interface



Start Vitest in the current directory. Will enter the watch mode in development environment and run mode in CI automatically.

You can pass a addition argument as the filter of the tests files to run. For example:

vitest foobar
vitest foobar

Will run only the test file that contains foobar in their paths.

vitest run

Perform a single run without watch mode.

vitest watch

Run all test suites but watch for changes and rerun tests when they change. Same as calling vitest without a command. Will fallback to vitest run in CI.

vitest dev

Alias to vitest watch.

Run only tests that cover a list of source files. Works with static lazy imports, but not the dynamic ones. All files should be relative to root folder.

Useful to run with lint-staged or with your CI setup.

vitest related /src/index.ts /src/hello-world.js
vitest related /src/index.ts /src/hello-world.js

vitest clean cache

Clears cache folder.


-v, --versionDisplay version number
-r, --root <path>Define the project root
-c, --config <path>Path to config file
-u, --updateUpdate snapshots
-w, --watchSmart & instant watch mode
-t, --testNamePattern <pattern>Run tests with full names matching the pattern
--dir <path>Base directory to scan for the test files
--uiEnable UI
--openOpen the UI automatically if enabled (default: true)
--api [api]Serve API, available options: --api.port <port>, [host] and --api.strictPort
--threadsEnable Threads (default: true)
--silentSilent console output from tests
--isolateIsolate environment for each test file (default: true)
--reporter <name>Select reporter: default, verbose, dot, junit, json, or a path to a custom reporter
--outputTruncateLength <length>Truncate output diff lines up to <length> number of characters.
--outputDiffLines <lines>Limit number of output diff lines up to <lines>.
--outputFile <filename/-s>Write test results to a file when the --reporter=json or --reporter=junit option is also specified
Via [cac's dot notation] you can specify individual outputs for multiple reporters
--coverageUse c8 for coverage
--runDo not watch
--modeOverride Vite mode (default: test)
--mode <name>Override Vite mode (default: test)
--globalsInject APIs globally
--domMock browser api with happy-dom
--environment <env>Runner environment (default: node)
--passWithNoTestsPass when no tests found
--allowOnlyAllow tests and suites that are marked as only (default: false in CI, true otherwise)
--changed [since]Run tests that are affected by the changed files (default: false). See docs
--shard <shard>Execute tests in a specified shard
-h, --helpDisplay available CLI options


  • Type: boolean | string

  • Default: false

    Run tests only against changed files. If no value is provided, it will run tests against uncommitted changes (including staged and unstaged).

    To run tests against changes made in the last commit, you can use --changed HEAD~1. You can also pass commit hash or branch name.


  • Type: string

  • Default: disabled

    Test suite shard to execute in a format of <index>/<count>, where

    • count is a positive integer, count of divided parts
    • index is a positive integer, index of divided part

    This command will divide all tests into count equal parts, and will run only those that happen to be in an index part. For example, to split your tests suite into three parts, use this:

    vitest run --shard=1/3
    vitest run --shard=2/3
    vitest run --shard=3/3
    vitest run --shard=1/3
    vitest run --shard=2/3
    vitest run --shard=3/3


You cannot use this option with --watch enabled (enabled in dev by default).

Released under the MIT License.