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Extending Reporters

You can import reporters from vitest/reporters and extend them to create your custom reporters.

Extending Built-in Reporters

In general, you don't need to create your reporter from scratch. vitest comes with several default reporting programs that you can extend.

import {  } from 'vitest/reporters'

export default class  extends  {
  // do something

Of course, you can create your reporter from scratch. Just extend the BaseReporter class and implement the methods you need.

And here is an example of a custom reporter:

// ./custom-reporter.js
import { BaseReporter } from 'vitest/reporters'

export default class CustomReporter extends BaseReporter {
  onCollected() {
    const files = this.ctx.state.getFiles(this.watchFilters)

Or implement the Reporter interface:

// ./custom-reporter.js
import { Reporter } from 'vitest/reporters'

export default class CustomReporter implements Reporter {
  onCollected() {
    // print something

Then you can use your custom reporter in the vitest.config.ts file:

import { defineConfig } from 'vitest/config'
import CustomReporter from './custom-reporter.js'

export default defineConfig({
  test: {
    reporters: [new CustomReporter()],

Exported Reporters

vitest comes with a few built-in reporters that you can use out of the box.

Built-in reporters:

  1. BasicReporter
  2. DefaultReporter
  3. DotReporter
  4. JsonReporter
  5. VerboseReporter
  6. TapReporter
  7. JUnitReporter
  8. TapFlatReporter
  9. HangingProcessReporter

Base Abstract reporters:

  1. BaseReporter

Interface reporters:

  1. Reporter

Released under the MIT License.